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Pizhichil is a speciality Ayurvedic treatment with exemplary benefits. The treatment is also known as Kaya Seka, Taila Seka and Sarvanga Sneha. The Ayurvedic term Pizhichil translates to squeezing. The medicated oil for the massage therapy is squeezed from a cloth dipped in the warm medicated oil into the patient’s body. Pizhichil the topmost rejuvination treatment of Ayurveda a true gift from Ayurveda to become young again. Pizhichil or Sarvangadhara as it is also known can be defined to mean a process that is traditionally used to anoint the entirety of the body of the client. In this treatment, precious warm medicated oil is squeezed on to the patient's body from a piece of cloth, periodically soaked in a vessel containing the oil, with soft massage in a rhythmic way. A perfect remedy for rheumatism, joint and body pains as well as poor circulation, fatigue, and anxiety, Pizhichil or Sarvangadhara is one of the best known methods of removing stress from our systems as well as making our bodies feel soft, supple and clean.