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Whole Brain Integration Workshop

It's a 4 days workshop for kids between 4-17 yrs of age. It is followed…

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Brain Music International's Whole Brain Activation Workshop Brain Music International conducts workshops for children between 4 to 17 years. In this workshop, the mid-brain of the child is activated through a music therapy. Scientists throughout the world have been trying to explore the potentials of the human brain. Mid-Brain activation is a new technique developed by Japanese scientists after years of study and research.

Since Dec 2014, we have conducted these workshops and successfully trained more than 400 students till Jan 2019 in Aurangabad. Only 10-12 students are taken in one workshop. Student trainer ratio is 5:1. Personal attention is given on every child. The workshop is for 4 full days. There are Follow up sessions taken for 3 months after the workshop in which the students are trained into a special technique where they use their Photographic Memory to memorize everything. The power of the brain improves so much after the mid-brain activation that they are able to memorize everything only by reading twice or thrice and it gets stored in their long term memory with this specially designed technique.

MID-BRAIN THEORY. We have 2 sides of our brain, the right and the left. When we use our right hand, our left side of the brain develops whereas when we use our left hand, our right side of the brain develops As we all use either the right side of the body or the left side of our body more often, our opposite side of the brain is developed. That means Righties will have left brain stronger whereas Lefties will have their right brain stronger. According to the theory of the Left or the Right brain dominance, each side of the brain controls different types of functions. Left brain is responsible for logical thinking, calculations, analytical and objective thinking. It is also responsible for critical thinking, dealing with numbers and reasoning. Whereas the right brain is responsible for Photographic Memory, Long term memory, Intuitiveness and thoughtfulness. It is also responsible for expressing emotions and for creativity. But the latest research shows that abilities in subjects such as Maths are actually strongest when both halves of the brain work together.


This workshop facilitates activation of the mid-brain through a music therapy. Mid-brain is a part which actually co-ordinates between our left and right brain. After the mid-brain activation, the co-ordination between both sides of the brain is greatly enhanced and both sides of the brain start developing simultaneously. This is called Whole Brain Integration.


The Brain Music Workshop is for 4 full days (6 hours each). The whole workshop is based on music therapy. Children would be doing variety of activities which are very unique. There are different exercises in which different instructions are given to right and the left brain simultaneously (like drawing circle with one hand and square with other hand simultaneously any many more) which helps in the development of right and left brain simultaneously. Brain gym, fun games, confidence building activities etc are taken. Then children are made to listen to the mid-brain activation music. After the workshop, a special music for advance development of the brain is given which helps in the ongoing brain development of the child.


Since mid-brain activation is once in a life time phenomenon, mid-brain once activated is activated for life time. So the benefits of the course will be for life time. We are working on the brain of the child which is the most important part of our body. Brain is a part which is used till our last breath and is used in every area of our life, whether its academics, sports, business, job or any work that the children do in future. So investing on the brain would be a very wise decision as we apart from giving stess to our brain, we do nothing for the brain. This special music reduces the stress of the child and makes them emotionally balanced individuals which is very essential for thier health, career and for acheiving success in their lives.

Photographic Memory.

Long Term Memory.

Concentration Enhancement.

Improves IQ & EQ.

Confidence Boosting.

Improves sleep pattern.

Stress Reduction.

Creativity Enhancement.

Overall, this mid brain activation workshop can help your child have a great future with great ease.


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